“Money Marriage U Save is a perfect course for any couple who is looking to open the dialogue on how to save more money and develop better spending habits. The course was hands-on, reflective, and informational. It gave my husband and I many different ideas on savings strategies and helped open the dialogue even more about our finances. I'm looking forward to incorporating Money Dates on a regular basis! ”

Amanda Volz, Nationally Renowned Personal Finance Teacher NGPF Fellow, National Jump$tart Spotlight Teacher

“There is lots of food for thought in this course about both technical and emotional aspects of managing money as a couple. The case study video clips, financial calculators, and other resources are engaging, as are activities such as the Money Date cards. The content is 'chunked' into 'bit-sized' pieces and downloadable workbook pages make it easy for couples to personalize the course.”

Barbara O'Neill, Ph.D., CFP®, CRPC, AFC®, CFEd, CPFFE Distinguished Professor Emerita, Rutgers University

“I wish I had the guidance Modern Husbands offers but 29 years ago when I got married! Modern Husbands will help you with one of the most important parts of marriage, managing your finances! This course will simplify a difficult process for many and help couples discuss money more freely, creating less tension. "The Money Date Cards" are a great conversation starter about your values and money beliefs! Modern marriages will surely have fewer financial mistakes after this course!”

Julius Prezelski, Nationally Renowned Personal Finance Teacher NGPF Fellow, 2021 Ted Beck Effective Educator Award

“Before the course, my spouse and I talked at (sometimes shouted) each other about money. Now, thanks to Brian and his team, we're having money conversations and it is positively impacting so many aspects of our relationship.”

Dustin Voss, Nationally Renowned Personal Finance Teacher Leads Financial Education for Chicago Public Schools

“If you know you need to change your money habits, but don't know where to start, this is the course to take! In the privacy of your own home, you can figure out what habits you should change and how to start moving toward a less stressful relationship with money.”

Kerri Herrild, Nationally Renowned Personal Finance Teacher NGPF Fellow, National Jump$tart Spotlight Teacher

“The Money Marriage U Save course inspired us to communicate about our past, present, and future finance goals. The course was perfect for guiding us through discussions and giving us resources to execute our financial plans”

Aaron and Kelsey Bence, Married with one child